Mar 14, 2011

What a Weekend

Thanks to Nana and Pappy watching Sweet P one day this weekend, we did a LOT of house work and got to check a few things off the never-ending-to-do-list. Yay!

The husband worked on the garden planting everything from onions and radishes to lettuce and herbs. And he did a little yard maintenance.

This is leftover from our fall garden! Who knew lettuce could last all winter?

While he was outside, I was inside. I painted the entire kitchen (2 coats even).

Thanks Nana and Pappy!

With all that work and no time to take long breaks, I realized how hard it is to cook, so, we didn't. Instead, we ate super healthy!

After posting my dogs from Sonic, I felt like I was cheating on Jim's so I had to give them some coney love.

After I dropped P off at Nana's, I picked up a little breakfast.

It should also be noted that if you are looking for some of the best donuts in town, go to Daylight Donuts in BA (on 145th by Papa Murphy's). They are amazing and they have these little, square donuts (about the size of a donut hole) filled with bavarian creme. mmm.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that healthy but they were fast and delicious!

And when P wasn't with Nana and Pappy, she was helping us in the garden!

I think we have a tiny green thumb in the making!

Hope you had a great weekend and hoping this week will be just a productive!


  1. It makes me a little sad to see how well that jacket fits her. To think I squeezed my girl into it 2 weeks ago because I wasn't ready to part with it. Sweet P pulls off the hoodie well....she needs a little sister to pass it down to.

    (I think all my blog comments from here on out will involve requests for more ingredients..just warning you)

  2. First off, the blog looks great...second....that looks about like my diet this weekend...third...I need some serious tips on gardening. I keep killing my plants and fourth...your daughter is adorable!

  3. i can't get over all of those pictures. i need to eat all of them. right. now.

  4. She is so yummy! Oh how I wish I had a garden!

  5. I love that for the most part you eat healthy, but you love the tasty fatty stuff too. Sounds like our're fried chicken looks yumm-o! So does the garden salad on the above post. I need to get on the ball one year making a garden. I guess this year we'll be doing containers...again.


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