Mar 8, 2011

Design Boom

I found this site and first thought of my sister because of these...

Yes, those are palette coasters. The packaging is awesome. I love some good, creative packaging.

And then I stumbled onto this photographer, Irina Werning. She takes an old photo and recreates it in her "Back to the Future" series. Here's one that cracked me up:

'mechi in 1990 & 2010', buenos aires
image © irina werning

So, now I totally want to go through pictures when I was little and do this! How fun!

This has been random!


  1. i love those coasters. i think of your sister, too. creepy i know.

  2. ummm. yep. love the coasters! Maybe dad can make me a set. Then again, I'll make them, so I can ask him to make me something really cool and big like a typography dresser.

  3. I wouldn't mind having those coasters on my table.
    And my brothers and I did that "recreating a 20 year old photo"-thing last summer, long before I read about the back to the future series. It was so much fun. And giving the framed picture as a christmas gift to our parents even more fun.


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